Grant Writing Services

Grant Writing Services are offered to organizations that perform a public benefit or charitable activity and that are exempt from taxation under the IRS code. This may include "non-profit" agencies, churches, schools or government entities. Individuals and for-profit business generally do not qualify for the types of funding available through this service.

Funding Search/Grant Research

  • Identify potential funding opportunities for:
    • project concepts
    • feasibility studies
    • business or strategic plans
    • existing proposals
  • RFP monitoring of specific funders or programs

Program Design

  • Needs assessments
  • Program planning and design
  • Evaluation plans
  • Determine goals, objectives and outcomes
  • Budget development

Proposal Writing/Editing

  • Letters of Inquiry
  • responses to RFPs and APSs
  • proposal narratives
  • edit client draft proposals
  • prepare proposal packages for submission and submit to the funder

Proposal Review/Evaluation

Review of a completed (or draft) proposal:

  • proofread
  • check match to RFP/APS or other funding guidelines
  • identify weaknesses and suggestion improvements
  • rewriting


The client has the option of an hourly or flat rate. An hourly rate will typically result in an overall lower expense, but a flat rate provides certainty of costs. The client may request that hourly charges have a "do not exceed" amount. Note: funding search/research that is not part of a larger project (e.g., program design, proposal writing) is only billed at an hourly rate.

$35 per hour, including travel time outside the Eugene-Springfield area.
Flat rates depend on the complexity of the project, existing level of project development, and complexity of funder\'s submission requirements.
Letter of Inquiry or preliminary application
Private foundations & corporations
Government grants

All work is billed at the end of the month, payable in 15 days. We do not work on a contingency basis, commission or percentage of grant.